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    Achieve peace of mind with the assurance that prospective employees, business partners, spouses and others possess the high level of honesty and integrity you desire.  ARS offers two basic types of background checks:

Background Profile

    The Background Profile is an effective, yet moderately-priced tool which provides much of the same information developed during a comprehensive background investigation. This report is widely used for pre-employment, pre-marital and babysitter/nanny investigations.  Information reported in this package will include the following:

Current and Prior Address History

Social Security Number Trace

      Driving Records 
      Vehicle Ownership Records
      Nationwide Property Search 
      Statewide Judgment Search
      Criminal Record Search  

You may request information on an a la carte basis if you require only one or more components of the Background Profile.  Pricing for the Background Profile is based on the scope of each search, and provided based on a brief evaluation of the client's needs.  To obtain pricing information, please see the "Contact ARS" page.

Comprehensive Background Investigations

     ARS performs Comprehensive Background Investigations for personal and corporate clientele.  The results of this exhaustive research include the same information developed in a Background Profile with the addition of the following, as applicable: 

Names / Whereabouts of Family Members & Associates 

Neighborhood Canvass (upon request)

Detailed Employment History 

Executive Affiliation Searches

Professional License Searches

Workers' Compensation Reports

Medical Doctor Background Reports

Liens and Civil Suits

Nationwide Federal Court Search - Criminal, Civil and Bankruptcy Records

Business Reports and Corporate Record Profiles

Foreign & Domestic Criminal Record Searches


 The fee schedule is structured according to the depth of the investigation desired by the client. 


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